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Advertisers on Craigslist!

We first started off by manually scraping emails from ads on Craigslist. 

Then, we outsourced people to do it for us. But the outsourcers could never quite get the targeted emails that we wanted.
That’s when I talked to my Software Guy and said, I need you to build me a Software Tool that will automatically scrape email addresses from Craigslist.

The first version was cool, and for any City I selected, the software would scrape all the email addresses. But, I was getting a lot of angry feedback from Craigslisters that were not interested in what I had to sell. They said I was being a Spammer!


So, Back To The Lab!

This time, I told my software guy that I needed the ability to set both the city AND some keywords.

And the new version was so AWESOME, I just knew I had to share my Craigslist scraper with my fellow marketers!

New Craigslist Email Harvester

Watch the Software in Action !

But why Craigslist?

Craigslist is the top classified website in the world. That means it has the most advertisers, all in one location! Because people post ads with certain keywords, we can target those ads that are placed by people that are interested in our types of offers.

Check this out. This is exactly how some of our clients have used Craigslist Email Scraper!

  • A Hydraulic Hair Styling Chair supplier scraped the email addresses from people who are in the Salon business under “Beauty Services”.
  • A headhunter scraped the email addresses of people who posted under resumes and offered his recruiting Service!
  • A Wedding planner used the search term ” Wedding” and ” events” under the wanted category to get the emails of people searching for wedding items.
  • A realtor in Chicago scraped the email addresses for people posting ads to sell properties in the chicago area, under the housing category, so he could contact them and offer his services.
  • The webmaster of a Dating Site wanted more men to join her site. She used craigslist email harvester at the men looking for women category. She then sent an ad for her dating website to them.

As you can see, there is no limit to the laser-targeted email addresses you can scrape using our Craigslist Email Harvester.

This could be the tool that puts

Your Marketing on Steroids!!

And when I tell you how cheap it is for you to buy, you won’t be able to keep from buying our Craigslist Email Scraper!

Here is how the software works:


  • You can Automatically extract email address from any Craigslist City or even State!
  • You can set up your keyword and it will only extract email addresses from ads that meet Your Criteria!
  • You search postings and scrape email address from any City and Category  combination!
  • You can skip email addresses, and Extract Original Emails!
  • You can extract both Original and Anonymous email addresses.
  • It will even scrape email addresses directly from Ad Content!
  • Set it and Forget it! You can set it up once, and never waste time on scraping email addresses again!
  • You can export the email addresses to CSV or Excel formats!
  • You can even have the Craigslist Email Scraper remove duplicate addresses!

As you can see, this is the Most Feature Rich and Must Usable Craigslist Email Scraping software that you can get Anywhere!

Screen Shot of Front and Back of our latest Version


If you have scraped email addresses from Craigslist before, then you probably know that they tweaked their algorithm so that if they catch you scraping emails, they will block it from your IP Address.
Our Craigslist Email harvester allows you to use your own Proxy, or ask the software to search for other Proxies from the internet. This keeps you under the Craigslist radar, allowing you scrape UNLIMITED email addresses!

And if you don’t want to do the scraping yourself, check out our ‘Done For You’ services

Now at this point, you are probably wondering what our awesome Craigslist Email Harvester Software Costs


At $99, it would be steal, because of the unlimited number of emails that you can extract. But we won’t charge you half that much.

 At $97 it would be an even better deal for you. You’d probably JUMP at the chance to buy the Craigslist for that price!


But, it’s even cheaper than that. If you stop messing around, waiting for a sign, and ACT NOW,

You will pay only $27.00 for the Craigslist Email Harvester! 

 That’s right, only $27.00, you can purchase full featured licence  far less than what you would pay for a dinner at a halfway decent restaurant!

But, what if you don’t want to mess with the software?

What if you don’t want to waste your valuable Marketing Time setting up software to scrape email addresses?

Well, if that’s the case, we can help there as well.

 We have a series of “Done For You” services that allow you to spend all YOUR Time on Marketing.


Custom Craigslist Scraping Services – if you don’t want to bother with software, we’ll do the scraping for you! We’ll provide you with freshly scraped data according to your City, Category and Search Terms. We’ll remove the duplicates, and deliver it all to you, ready for you to start Marketing!

 Select Your Package Below and  Order Craigslist Fresh emails with no work from you!





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